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Enjoy Yufuin

Information on sightseeing spots and events in the area recommended by Yufuin Yawaragi-no-sato YADOYA.

Area guide

Enjoy with family, friends, and couples around YADOYA
Full of tourist spots.
Please enjoy Yufuin!
  • Yufuin leisure spot

    • Kyushu Nature Zoological Park African Safari

      In Japan's largest safari park, which spreads over a vast meadow,
      It is home to 70 species and about 1400 wild animals.
      You can also feed wild animals directly on the Jungle Bus (charged).
    • Yufuin Sightseeing Tsuji Carriage

      Yufuin's Sightseeing Tsuji Carriage where the sound of horse hooves echoes comfortably.
      Depart from JR Yufuin Station and take a leisurely stroll through the town of Yufuin for about 40 to 50 minutes.
      Yufuin Station course to return to Yufuin Station.
      There are 15 flights a day every 30 minutes from 9:00.
      The capacity of one flight is 10 people, and reservations are accepted from 8:50 am on the day.
      Why don't you enjoy sightseeing by horse-drawn carriage leisurely?

      Sightseeing tours swayed by horse-drawn carriages!
  • A spectacular spot in Yufuin

    • Yufuin Asagiri

      From autumn to winter, when it gets cold, morning mist occurs in the Yufuin Basin.
      Often occurs on cold, sunny days,
      It occurs most frequently around October and November.
      From the Sagiridai and Jakoshi Observatory hill, you can overlook the town of Yufuin surrounded by fog.
      Many people come to see the fantastic sight at a glance.
    • Mt Yufu(Bungo Fuji)

      One person Bungo Fuji.A representative mountain of the Troide type.
      It is also taken by Utamakura.The rime in winter is beautiful.
      It takes about 2 hours from the front entrance to the summit.
    • Lake Kinrin

      It is a lake with hot springs and is also called Takemoto Takemoto-no-Ike Pond.
      A tourist spot that has become a symbol of Yufuin.It is said that hot springs are springing from the bottom of the lake,
      Due to the high water temperature, you can see the fantastic sight of fog rising from the surface of the lake in cold weather.
      The fresh green of spring, the autumn leaves, the fog of winter and the scenery that changes with the seasons are perfect for a walk.
    • Sagiridai

      Yufuin observatory overlooking the cityscape of Yufuin.
    • Tsukahara Onsen Kako no Izumi

      Tsukahara Onsen, located on the opposite side of Yufuin Onsen across Mt Yufu, is
      Tsurumi Mountains one of the Tsurumi Mountains to reddish Roiwa zone of Mt Garan
      You can see the eerily rising plume.
      The spring quality is a strong hot spring with acidic green porridge, which is effective for skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and surgical treatment.
      The autumn colors of the primeval forest are beautiful as the smoke of sulfur.
  • Yufuin Yunotsubo Kaido Yufuin

    • 5 minutes walk from the hotel

      Located at the foot of Yufuin. "Yunotsubo Kaido"
      Yufuin souvenir shop that sells Yufuin's special products,
      Full of gourmet spots where you can eat while walking.
  • Yufuin Various landscapes depending on the season

    • Sakura and Mt Yufu

    • Row of cherry blossom trees

    • Rape blossoms and Mt Yufu

    • Mt Yufu from the city

    • Take a walk in nature

    • Mt Yufu evening

    • Torii near Yufuin Station

    • YADOYA and YADOYA Mt Yufu