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Job Information

Would you like to work with us? Inexperienced people are welcome!

We are looking for people who like to make people happy and who are interested in working at an inn.

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    Application Requirements

    (1) Cooking job (2) General service job (3) Night shift job

    Even if you have no experience, senior staff will teach you from scratch.
    There are various business contents, but It's okay if you gradually remember.

    We will accept questions and applications either by email or phone.
    Please feel free to contact us first.

    We value the following:
    "humanity,Sincerity,thoughtfulness,Thank you,charm』\

    "Let's talk so we can get to know each other."
    I would like you to come for an interview first.

    Rather than an interview, let's talk frankly.
    You can talk about the industry, about the inn, about yourself.

    It's okay if you ask me about my motivation and formalities.
    I think that the meeting at the interview is also a fate, so let's enjoy the story first.

    responsible person:Goto

    For details, please refer to "Details of Recruitment Information".
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