Yufuin inn that has one of the best sources of Yufuin and barrier-free facilities.
Mt Yufu famous peak "Mt Yufu", it is in the best location as a walking base near the tourist street of Yufuin.
The space of universal design is highly supported by a wide range of generations, and there are many repeaters.

【Official】Yufuin Yawaragi-no-sato YADOYA

A popular inn with a simple stay where you can enjoy a walk in Yufuin and enjoy the natural hot springs

Yufuin one of the best sources of Yufuin and barrier-free facilities. "YADOYA"
Mt Yufu famous peak "Mt Yufu", it is in the best location as a walking base near the tourist street of Yufuin.

Regarding "New Oita Travel Discount"

  • For those who live in Oita prefecture

    The "New Oita Travel Discount", which can be used only by Oita citizens, is only available for telephone reservations and reservations made through the Official website / accommodation reservation website.

    ■Official website
    ■Target accommodation reservation site:Jalan net, Rakuten Travel, Rurubu Travel

    The reception will end as soon as the budget reaches the upper limit.

    *Only for those who made a new reservation after 6/14
    ・Target reservation period:From 6/14 (Monday) to 8/31 (Tuesday) for new reservations(Not applicable after September)
    ・Target travel period:From 6/14 (Monday) to 12/31 (Friday) (1/1 (Saturday) until check-out)
    ・You will need to show your ID (driver's license, etc.) on the day of your stay.

Regarding the efforts of this facility

  • We appreciate your cooperation so that our guests can have a memorable trip.

    【Regarding the last cancellation due to poor physical condition】
    If you feel uneasy before traveling, please contact the hotel.
    We will respond flexibly to cancellations.

    【Regarding smoking】
    Currently, smoking areas on site are closed to avoid Three Cs.
    Please use the outdoor smoking area.
    The outdoor smoking area is open until 0:30 curfew.Please understand.

    【Regarding baths for men and women】
    The maximum number of people who can use the men's and women's indoor baths is 3 or 1 group.
    We recommend that you make a reservation for a private bath.
    Please contact us as we accept advance reservations.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.

    Currently, according to the guidelines set by the All Japan Ryokan Hotel Association,
    You are required to verify the identity of the guest.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation in presenting your driver's license.
    ・Please wear a mask when using the facility.
    ・Please disinfect with alcohol when you come to the museum.
    ・Please measure the temperature when you come to the museum.
    ・Please line up at intervals.

    【Staff efforts】
    ・Wearing a mask for customer service staff
    ・Thorough hand washing
    ・Implementation of temperature measurement

Children under elementary school age can use it free of charge when sleeping together (without meals and futons).

  • ☆Choose a plan that suits your child☆

    ・Children of all ages are welcome if they do not need meals and futons and wish to use existing bed.
     Please select "Infant: No meal / futon".

    ・If you want a meal for young children, regardless of their age
     Please select "Infant: Meals and futons available".
     ◆For "infant" meals, we will prepare meals for children for both dinner and breakfast.

    ・If you would like a meal for elementary school children
     Please select "elementary school student".
     ◆We will prepare course meal for children for dinner of "elementary school students"
       Breakfast is the same as an adult

    ・Please let us know your child's age when making a reservation.

    ・If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Yufuin Yawaragi-no-sato YADOYA


2717-5 Kawakami, Yufuin Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

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Since the surrounding roads are very narrow, we will inform you of routes that are relatively easy to pass.
Please contact the hotel.
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