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Hot springs

  • í òHÇPÇO

Unwind in the indoor/outdoor hot springs or enjoy a private hot spring with family and friends.

Private hot springs

  • ë›êÿòIìVÅyÇ‚ÇÌÇÁǨÅz

Guests can book 3 different types of private hot springs and 1 barrier-free family bath up to 50 minutes. Reservations can be made in advance or upon arrival. 

Open hours: 3pm-11pm and 6am-9am daily

Price: free of charge for guests

*Picture on the left is Yawaragi-no-yu (outdoors)

  • ë›êÿòIìVÅyíÜÇÃìíÅz

Naka-no-yu (outdoors)

  • ë›êÿòIìVÅyå‹âEâqñÂÅz

Goemon-no-yu (outdoors)

  • ë›êÿì‡ìíÅyâ∆ë∞ìíÅz (2)

Family bath (indoors)

Public hot springs

  • ëÂóÅèÍÅyèóìíÅz (2)

We also have separated public hot springs for men and women.

Open hours: 3pm-12midnight and 6am-10am

Price: free of charge for guests

*Picture on the left is Women's bath

  • ëÂóÅèÍÅyíjÅz (2)

Men's bath

  • ëÂóÅèÍ (2)

Dressing room

After a bath...

  • ëÏãÖÅyñ≥óøÅz (2)

Enjoy the ping-pong with your firends or family.

  • íkòbé∫Åyñ≥óøÉ}ÉbÉTÅ[ÉWÉ`ÉFÉAÅz

Allow your muscles to relax in the massage chairs

  • íkòbé∫ÇS

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